Mark mcgillian

Lead Physiotherapist

About MArk


Mark McGillian is a highly experienced Physiotherapist who qualified in 2007. He specialises in Musculo-Skeletal physio with a bias towards those suffering with Chronic Pain.

Mark's Career and Experience

He has had a varied career working initially as one of the few physiotherapists in mental health, where he learnt to provide MSK physiotherapy to clients with complex and varied needs. He then moved into private practice where he has honed his skills over the past eight years. Mark is resolutely an evidence based practitioner and is constantly re-evaluating his skill set to ensure he is providing the most up to date and effective care he can.

Strength & Conditioning

Mark is currently engaged in an MSc in Strength and Conditioning which means he is able to apply the lessons from Elite Sport to his own physiotherapy practice as well as give advice on training programmes to maximise your performance..


Mark has practiced in and taught Taekwon-Do for the past twenty years. He also enjoys sailing badly when he gets the chance, 



BSc(hons) Physiotherapy

Currently Engaged in:

MSc Strength & Conditioning

Unrelated to Physio

BSc(hons) Computer Science


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