Ligament Injuries

Ligaments are bands of tissue that help keep things in place by connecting bone to bone. A Ligament injury can be shocking but they are common and most people will recover fully from one. They can range from minor inconveniences to more much complex and serious injuries which might require surgery.

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Types of Ligament Injury

There are many ligaments in the body, however, the most common injuries are in the knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Usually, a ligament injury occurs after some type of trauma stretching or tearing the tissue, for example, a fall, or sudden twisting.

Sometimes ligament injuries develop over time and are the result of an irritating overload of the tissue.

Examples can be found here

Physiotherapy for Ligament Injury

In your initial appointment, your chartered physiotherapist will be performing a thorough assessment with multiple diagnostic tests. We will identify the injury and assess its severity. From that, an appropriate, individual rehabilitation program will be constructed for you.

It can be quite frightening to have a ligament injury, especially if the cause was traumatic. We will provide you with guidance and advice to give you confidence in your recovery and in the early stages we give you advice on swelling management, pain relief and early mobilisation. You will also be given guidance on when it will be safe to weight bear or return to function.

Most ligament injuries will heal quickly, usually within 6 weeks. In this period however it is important to maintain muscle strength and range of motion of your joints. As pain allows your program will progress, usually at first increase the load of the exercises then moving onto functional exercises to help return to your activity or sport. We often work with athletes, building a long term plan to allow full rehabilitation and a return to competition


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