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The latest evidence tells us that a progressive strengthening program for the Gluteal Muscle group is the gold standard of treatment for this painful and debilitating condition.

We will provide you a progressive and precise exercise plan along the support and motivation you need get rid of your pain for good.

5 Tips To Get Started

  • Keep moving! When we’re in pain, we don’t want to move, and sometimes rest can feel like the best recourse. Some rest, when the pain is too much is advisable, but constant rest will have a negative effect on the very structures we want to work on.
  • Don’t stretch! Another myth is that the pain should be somehow “stretched out”, however, we now know that over stretching a painful tendon can be aggravating for it and can actually increase in your pain.
  • Try an isometric exercise. Isometric exercises (muscle contraction, but with no movement) are proven to have a pain relieving component and are a great way to load the painful structures. See the video below
  • Pace your self. The recommended loading is to occur at no more than 4/10 pain and with no increase in pain within 24 hours. Pain is not something to be afraid of, if it happens, don’t worry, you probably haven’t damaged anything. We just want to avoid continually overloading the painful structures. So a little ache is good and normal, lingering pain probably means you need to adjust to a lower load.
  • Don’t worry! Tendons are slow healers. Healing times may be in the order of months not weeks. So if your pain is proving stubborn, don’t worry. It’s probably normal stubborn tendon behaviour

Starter Exercises

Only perform these exercises gently at first. Some mild pain is ok, but it shouldn’t make you wince or leave you with a lingering pain afterwards.

Just what is it?

Lateral hip pain goes by many names, it can be variously described as Trochanteric Bursitis, Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome, Gluteal Tendonitis, Gluteal Tendinopathy, Gluteal Pain Syndrome and others.

It is characterised by a pain over the side of the upper part of femur (thigh bone). The pain can radiate down to the knee, into the buttocks or into the groin

It can be sore at night in  bed, both when you lie on that side and even on the opposite side.

Pain on standing after sitting is common and car or train journeys can be very uncomfortable also.

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What is a Gluteal Tendinopathy

Gluteal Tendinopathy is now thought of as one the primary cause of the pain as well as the bursitis. It is characterised by pain to the outside of the hip which may radiate down the outside of leg, or to the groin. It is often exacerbated by sitting or walking for long periods.

Gluteal Tendinopathy does not have to have an associated bursitis, but a trochanteric bursitis is rarely found without it.

Hip Bursitis Image provided by Heaton Moor Physio stockport

Lateral Hip Pain/Trochanteric Bursitis

TROCHANTERIC BURSITIS is a common diagnosis for people suffering with lateral hip pain.

The Greater Trochanter is a small outcrop of bone on the side of femur (upper leg bone).

Normally tissue slides painlessly over the top of this boney outcrop.

A bursa is small fluid filled sack that forms between tissues that glide over each other; they are normal, useful and common in the body.

Bursitis is when this sack becomes irritated and filled with inflammatory fluid.

The Trochanteric Bursa sits just over the Greater Trochanter.

Trochanteric Bursitis often found along with a GLUTEAL TENDINOPATHY

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