reclaim your life from the effects of chronic or persistent pain

Chronic or persistent pain affects many of us. It can be functionally debilitating and emotionally distressing, it leaves people feeling isolated and misunderstood, frustrated and angry. It puts pressure on our closest relationships and can take away the joy in the things we used to love.

There is hope however. Strong evidence exists which shows that persistent pain can be reduced and our daily function normalised through a taught combination of  pain science, CBT, physiotherapy and graded exposure to activity.

Heaton Moor Physiotherapy

7 week Pain MAnagement COurse

 We are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive and evidence based  7-week course for people who are suffering from Persistent or Chronic Pain. 

COurse content

Understand Pain

Learn how we experience pain and what that means for your management of your pain. We draw upon the most recent and up to date research in pain science and present it in an easy to understand way.

Learn New Strategies

We use techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you to develop new management strategies and break old unhelpful thought patterns and habits.

7 Sessions

An initial one hour 1 to 1 session to listen to you to understand your journey, your needs and your goals which is then followed by 6 one hour group sessions over the next 6 weeks.

Share & Support

The programme is performed in a group of up to six people and is led by an experienced physio . In this safe and managed environment we will encourage you to support each other and learn from each other with the group providing you with a ready made network of people going through a similar experience.

Heaton Moor Physio Stockport chronic pain
Get your persistent pain under control Heaton Moor Physiotherapy Stockport

Challenge yourself

As part of the programme you will be challenged to undergo a graded re-exposure to exercise and to get back to activities you may have thought you could no longer do.

Course Materials

The course is taught from an established and evidence based curriculum. You will be provided with a course handbook and other media such as relaxation techniques and educational videos.

STarting end of October 2019

The course will consist of weekly 1 hour group sessions with 6 participants

New courses will start as demand requires, so please register your interest to get on the waiting list

Further details will be provided closer to the start time

The 7 week course is discounted to an introductory price of £299 per person for the full 7 weeks and payment will be required in full in advance.

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