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Joints & How to Look After Them

I’m often asked, “What’s the best way to look after joints?” & the answer I give is always the same:


  • Move Them


Or rather


  •  Move them fully


The reason is simple. The fluid in our joints is not just a lubricant; it’s also what keeps the joint healthy. If you fully move you joint regularly, then the whole joint is kept nourished.


Sounds simple, after all, we move our joints everyday, but the truth is, we probably don’t move them fully. A good example is your hip joint; it’s unlikely that you will move your hip past 90 degrees during a normal working day. Can you think of the last time you squatted down on your hunkers?
So, I’ll set you a simple challenge. See if you can move every joint you can think of in every way you can think of once a day.

So for example try a the following:

  1. A few squats squats, and hip rotations for the Hips, Ankles and Knees
  2. Some gentle bending and twisting of the back,
  3. Some gentle neck rotations – so looking left and right, up and down & all around.
  4. A few swings of the arms or a few shoulder shrugs

It doesn’t have to be much and certainly shouldn’t be painful, just enough to feel a warmth in your joints

It can be a little hard to get in the habit, but it can be very effective at maintaining joints.

Author Info

Mark McGillian

Lead Physio at Heaton Moor Physiotherapy